Snowboard Equipment

Our snowboard equipment comes from Jones, NDK, Salomon, Rossignol, Head, Drake and Northwave.

These are just a very small section of what we have to offer in each of the groups. If you would like more detail please get in touch or simply talk through your requirements with our technicians in resort.

Rossignol EXP


149, 151, 154, 158, 163, 168


Designed for riders beginning and progressing. A comfortable and forgiving all-mountain board giving a blend of effortless turn initiation and an easy playful ride.

Sustainability: 100% of Rossignol’s wood snowboard cores originate from sustainably harvested forests.

Salomon Liberty


135, 140, 145


Ideal for beginners and those still in early development of their boarding skills on this accessible and tolerant snowboard.

Its directional shape and flat camber also facilitate easy turning.

Nidecker Escape


156, 159, 162, 165


All Mountain Cruisin. “Ideal for a pleasurable day out on the mountain”.

A performance which offers a softer and more comfortable ride. Premium Sandwich construction for plenty of power, responsiveness, pop and shock absorption, the result of using advanced materials like carbon and Kevlar; extra strong, responsive and light weight core, for a superior weight-to-performance-to power ratio; exceptional glide.

Rossignol Jibsaw


155, 158, 160, 166


The JIBSAW delivers award-winning power and playfulness for attacking the park with its ability to blend high-speed stability and edge grip with playful, buttery float for a progressive, hard-charging blend of freestyle/all-mountain versatility.

Salomon Super 8


147, 151, 154, 157


For authoritative edge control.

Whether you’re ripping powder or carving groomers, the wider design with the control under your back foot allows a smooth and precise manoeuvrability, speed and float.

Jones Flagship


159, 161, 164


The Flagship excels in steep, technical terrain and is widely known as one of the most confidence inspiring freeride boards on the planet.

Featuring a blunt nose, freestyle tail and Spoon 3.0 base contours, the Flagship floats, stomps, or straight lines with unbelievable precision.

Jones Mountain Twin


158, 160, 161, 164


The Jones Mountain Twin is our time tested directional twin board, designed for freestyle focused freeriders who want one board that can do it all. It’s built to shred the entire mountain like it’s a skatepark without sacrificing high-speed, line-bombing stability. Rocker tip and tail make poppin’ pillows or pressin’ boxes equally easy and give the Mountain Twin float and finesse in soft snow. Snap and hold carving hard pack or boosting out of the halfpipe.

Snowboard Boots

We carry several models in snowboard boots including female specific models, here are just a few.

Northwave Traffic

Head 400 Boa

Rossignol Boa RTL